Back to Virtual Reality +Edit

Last night my Dominant decided my 3 week stint as a restrained Latex Doll was over, and I returned to my human avatar. It is strange how one “settles” to a condition – I think it is sometime referred to as finding one’s “sub-space”. Whatever it is called I felt quite disoriented for a while.

The downside to all this is having to face the pudding that is LL’s mess in Secondlife. There are so many bugs in the system these days that my email inbox is filled on a daily basis by reports of hapless residents having their virtual lives handicapped or just outright ruined by some failure in Secondlife’s code. I make it a habit to “watch” issues and I am beginning to regret it!

We wonder why LL “Do Nothing”. I suspect that Linden Lab are now in sensory overload. The are so many borked or broken aspects to Secondlife that I really doubt if it can survive much longer. Rod Humble’s single-minded insistence on Pathfinding is just another aspect of a programmer baying at the moon. The system is so broken that even if Pathfinding is introduced to the grid as a whole, it simply will not work as intended.
That Pathfinding attributes are by and large a minority interest seems to be irrelevant to the CEO.

What bothers me more than anything else is the abject failure of Linden Lab to fix the bugs afflicting SL’s Marketplace and Forums. Both issues do not affect everyone and Linden Lab was almost certainly the culprit in both cases, having made a hash of moves from previously functional sytems. It is simply now a fact that try as they might, Linden Lab cannot fix these issues because to change anything seems to amplify their original errors. I despair.

Edit, Thursday August 2nd 6:45pm BST:
It is time for me to eat heartily of Humble Pie. My Forum account is working properly for the first time since the Lithium-powered system was introduced! I do not know which Linden employee sorted this out but I owe them a debt of gratitude. It has been a monumental pain in the ass to get logged on there. Many times I would appear to have got in only to be turfed off to the Help page. Upon navigating back, the Forum software would refuse to believe that I was logged in! The number of http error 400’s I saw is beyond counting. Thankyou so much Linden Lab. There…I said it and it didn’t hurt!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 1, 2012.

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