Another fine Mesh…

New Mesh Balletboots from ROSAL

As a bit of light relief I want to dwell on some boots I just bought. Many people will know the ROSAL brand…Tsarina Mint’s highly detailed collars, corsets and boots.
Recently she introduced some Mesh boots, Virion M, which at last appeared to have been designed for avatars with real legs, not pipe-cleaners! Now (*takes deep breath and calms down*) arrive Virion M Ballet Boots.
After much internal debate (about 5 seconds) I went to Tsarina’s store and got the Demo of the Mesh ballet boots. I followed the instructions and expected the boot to materialise. It was a demo, so most likely just one boot…it was only one object…? Nope a pair materialised. But what has utterly delighted me is that they are indeed suitable for avatars with normal proportions! Obviously there is a range of sizes, since Linden Lab refuses to implement the Mesh deformer developed by Karl “Qarl Fizz” Stiefvater. But more than that, she has given advice on what leg muscle sizes suit each size of boot.

The result is a pair of beautifully designed thigh boots that not only look very good indeed, but that fit the thighs brilliantly. I have never yet found a pair of prim thigh-boots that, post-invisiprim support deprecation, actually fit my thighs, and I am NOT deformed!! I know that prim boots can be edited, but they only look good while I stand, if I sit or kneel (which I do a lot) they look ridiculous.

I really cannot praise these boots too highly, and the colouring and texturing options on the prim parts are fabulous. I am hoping that following on from these Mesh items (there are gloves too) will come Mesh collars and corsets. If they do and are as well designed as the boots, I shall be very happy, somewhat corsetted and poor!
Edit 17th August 14:25pm BST: I don’t know what ruined the text spacing in the first couple of paragraphs after I posted the photo…sorry!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 16, 2012.

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