Bandwidth…it is all real?

Some confusing evidence regarding the latest issue to blight our Secondlives emerged this weekend. It seems that though viewers see a vast increase in bandwidth if they can see into other sims, especially to the south, this x100 increase in apparent bandwidth…vastly exceeding the arbitrary limits set in viewer preferences, together with a mixed bag of spammed region messages, of which “ParcelOverlay reliable” is the most well-known, may not reflect the bandwidth use registered by users’ ISPs. Although some increases in use have been logged and some folk have exceeded their allotted use caps, it is not always the case. Today in the centre of a Main server sim, surrounded by other Main Server sims, I saw bandwidth of 5.7Mbps! Now considering that my viewer bandwidth is set to max at 1.5Mbps, that is one heck of an overload!

In addition, the sim crossing issue that plagued Secondlife sailing some weeks or months back has returned with a vengeance. If your vessel doesn’t hit a virtual brick wall, you find yourself flying away or emulating Jaques Cousteau on impossible coordinates until the sims actually manage the handover. Also it is quite possible that while you actually retain control of your vessel, you will find yourself unsat and hung up on the sim border.
To say that current SL performance is “sub-optimal” is an understatement. Sims have gone offline on an almost regular basis, still showing up on maps and BanLine HUDs, the first indication being that if you know the sim you are about to enter has land and there is none, nor any sea floor – it has just “gawn”. Support have been working hard to get the engineers to restart such sims, but it should not be happening at this level.

Coupled with a degree of marine idiocy, today was not a pleasant one to be on Blake Sea. I would just like to add a word of appreciation to Silver Visage…that word is: “MORON!” Sorry, I don’t like to be personal, but that really was out of order. One act of stupidity is excusable as noobishness, two shows inexperience, three is just plain rude and if you had done it a fourth time you’d have been AR’ed.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 20, 2012.

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