And the Beat Goes On…..

Bandwidth and related issues continue to plague SecondLife. What the current state of play tells me, is that the issue causing these “spam” messages, be they the ones Henri originally described in JIRA SVC-8124 or the others reported in the, now closed, SVC-8155, is a lot more complex that the Linden Lab programmers originally thought. I have to say that those of us that investigated the issue realised quite early in this issue’s history that there was a lot more to the issue than could be addressed by the single “fix” rolled to the RC channels last Wednesday.

Perhaps if Linden Lab had come out and communicated that there was an issue that was “under investigation” but that might take a while to properly fix, there would not now be so much noise from disgruntled users. Sometimes pain is more bearable if one knows that the doctor has noted it and is investigating. At least, that is my experience.

The corollary of this is the classic “more haste less speed” adage. There was huge downward pressure on the programmers to get Pathfinding and all its associated changes rolled out. Since it could not, for many good reasons (and a couple of bad ones), be rolled back, a fix was rushed out. That fix has, it would seem, created yet more issues and the final solving of the problem may actually have been delayed by the haste.

While I understand, in part at least, why Linden Lab is disinclined to communicate with its users, on this occasion it would have avoided an awful lot of flak if it had been a little less tight lipped over the initial issue.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 26, 2012.

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