Something’s Gotta Change (with apologies to The Stranglers)

And no, for once this isn’t another diatribe about Linden Lab’s continued incompetence – that is plain to see for any resident.
This is personal and fairly momentous. On 28th August this year I celebrated the fourth anniversary of my collaring by then Mistress Rachel (latterly Domina Supreme) Ezvalt. It has not always been a smooth and level road, but we have learned a lot about each other.

Well…on the 29th something changed. If you wish to know more look at my inworld profile and that of Rachael. At this point I will say no more. Watch this space.

Edit to Add, 4th September:

Funny how things spring out at you. For the first time in nearly four years I am Domme. Not something that I expected. However, with the guidance (mostly) of Rachael Ezvalt, my beloved SL partner, a new chapter in my SL… no, in our SL…has begun. Here’s to another 4 years, if SL survives the year!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 31, 2012.

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