Off the beaten path

Pathfinding is rapidly gaining a reputation as the “bete noir” of SL. On the whole this is unfair. It is mostly changes to the infrastucture of the SL programme to allow Pathfinding and the updated Havok physics to function that have ruined a good many residents’ Secondlives.

That Linden Lab appear to have been running around like headless chickens fiddling with fixes that break other things has not helped. When I worked in scientific research we had a rule that we all tried to obey.
When you are running an experiment, you only change one parameter at a time, so that it is easy to see whether it has a benefit or detriment. This appears to have been the rule that Linden Lab programmers either forgot or ignored.
Now we are suffering the consequences as they try to work out what borked SL. We are nearly a month into this debacle and we are a long way from being in the clear. Lindens are getting jumpy. I got roasted recently in the forums by one for a minor misdemeanour (actually it was a failure of manners on my part due to having spent nearly 15 minutes trying to log into that atrocious Lithium software).

This issue needs to be resolved and rather like politicians, Linden Lab need to be open about their road-map to a conclusion or many more folk will simply conclude that they have not merely dropped the ball, they don’t even know what the ball looks like.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 4, 2012.

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