Immoderate moderation

Today we had a bit of a “deja-vu 2008” moment in SL. Something being worked on rather suddenly and quite universally FUBARed Secondlife. Profiles were down, TP was down, transfer of items was down, wearing and rezzing of scripted objects was down…pretty total washout. As is common in situations like this LL disabled logins (though they don’t put it like that these days) to ease the load on the servers while the source of the trouble was run down and cured.

As is also common these days a thread pertaining to the issue appeared on the Server Forum. I had added a couple of jocular comments to the thread, when all of a sudden I was turfed off the server. When I returned the whole thread had vanished!
I posted a thread opener asking if this was a moderator’s action, and suggesting that it was a bit heavy-handed. A few moments later that disappeared too and shortly after that I received a private note from a moderator saying that I had offended against the Community Guidelines with regard to moderation. It seems that one is not allowed to question the actions of moderators. I got an unpleasant echo of Krystalnacht.

I asked, I think quite politely, if the thread had been removed by a moderator and why. I was threatened with being banned from the Forums.

I think the reaction is extremely immoderate and quite distasteful, but I am beginning to see the darkness at the end of the tunnel. Peace in Our Time? I think not.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 6, 2012.

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