Madness revisited

Following on from the announcement in an Official Blogpost that the mode of operation of the SL Public JIRA was to change so that posters only saw their own entry to a JIRA and effectively made the issue tracker unsearchable, came a post in the Server forum from Oskar Linden.
Essentially he says, quite reasonably, that off-topic posting and “rants” will no longer be tolerated on that (Server Release) thread, which is to be used to report new bugs introduced on RC channel updates (and presumably for that purpose only) as well as reports of restart issues on Main Server.

Now the Linden strategy becomes a little clearer. It is true that posts on the JIRAs had become as much complaints about the perceived lack of Linden activity as about the bugs/issues themselves. It had been said that Lindens did not like wading through the complaints to get at the real info.
Now comes the tightening (not before time as far as some folk are concerned) of the tolerance limits on this thread. Clearly we will now be posting and searching our JIRA numbers on this thread rather than searching the SL JIRA itself.

To be fair to Linden Lab, providing these rules are followed, it should still be quite easy to find out about more common SL bugs as they arise. The big question is, will folk respect these new guidelines? Following the return of Prokofy Neva’s polemics in the thread I have my doubts, but it may see “The Prok” banned from posting in the forums. I’m not sure that that would be a bad thing.

ETA; Wednesday September 12th:
Sassy Romano asked a very germane question of Oskar Linden on the Release Thread. Since the request is still to raise JIRAs concerning “issues” with releases, and post links in the thread, how will that continue to work with a non-searchable JIRA? A very important point and one that I am eager to see answered!

Further ETA:
Whirly Fizzle (Phoenix/Firestorm’s JIRA ace) has pointed out, on the Server Release Thread, that in the new Bug Reporting software, it is not possible to specify which channel the bug affects, ie: Bluesteel, LeTigre, Magnum or (God Forbid) Main Server, when reporting a bug. Just a teething problem, sure, but indicative of the indecent haste in which some things are being done at The Lab currently. There is a saying: “more haste, less speed”. Linden Lab. would do well to remember that saying.

Yet another ETA; Thursday Sept 13th 2pm BST:
Seems that Oskar is as confused by the changes to the JIRA as we are! But he agrees that the posting of a JIRA to the Server Blog with (reasonable) comments is acceptable (for now). We may not be able to access the JIRA but we can see it at least on the Server Blog thread. I wish all Lindens were as communicative as Oskar!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 11, 2012.

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