The same, but different?

This week’s dose of Rolling Restart madness seems as odd as all the most recent ones. Yesterday, Main Server regions were supposed to get the same code that wes rolled last Thursday to all RC channels. Shortly into the roll, which started 2 hours later than slated at 7am SLT, it became clear that something was not right. Sims were not rebooting, and if they did, ojects were not rezzing and lag was apparently horrific.

Now LL and in particular Oskar Linden were prompt in announcing that there was a problem of which they were aware, but the roll proceeded. Some sims were restarted several times before acceptable performance was achieved, and according to the server thread some sims are still not behaving correctly.

Now all this would be unfortunate under normal conditions, were it not for the fact that the code rolled to Main Server was apparently identical to that running on all RC channels (without significant problems, as far as I can tell). [NB see edit below]. So something must have been changed…but what? Linden Lab have not revealed what was changed (no surprises there), but it does raise questions surrounding Main Server and the code rolled to it. And just to add to the chaos were are told that since the “Maint Server” code intended for the RCs didn’t pass QA, there is no RC channel restart this week.

There are many private parcels on Main Server and not a few private regions. At one point it was suggested that 12000 sims had been adversely affected. This level of FUBAR cannot go unexplained. Stores and private lots are being abandoned in SL at an increasing rate and this sort of issue will lead to an acceleration in the depopulation of Mainland.

Linden Lab…. WAKE UP!!

ETA: It occurs to me that the slow or partial rezzing of linksets and sculpties is something that I have seen, though not severely, on our LeTigre sim over the last week. I wonder if the more severe occurrences are on older servers, and they are less able to cope with the demands of this code or some element within it?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 19, 2012.

One Response to “The same, but different?”

  1. Magnum is the nickname for 1 of our 3 ‘Server Release Candidate’ channels. When a new version of server is ready for the main grid it needs to prove itself in a release candidate channel for one week first. This is what we used to call a pilot roll. Once a ‘Server Release Candidate’ has proven itself it will be rolled out to the entire main grid. Magnum will then be given a new ‘Server Release Candidate’. We might have as many as three ‘Server Release Candidate’ channels on the main grid at the same time. The others are BlueSteel and LeTigre . These can and probably will change on a weekly basis.

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