An Observation on a Restrained Life

This is NOT “My Life as a Second Life submissive”. That is between myself and my Dominant. That we have recently switched roles after over 4 years is another matter but equally private.
No…this is an observation about the current bane of all avatars in SL, “bakefail”.

Until recently it was an occasional irritation caused, more often than not, by a poor internet connection. Lately it has become far more commonplace and has been linked to failure of the sim-server-viewer communication pathway. Now I had observed my partner having real issues getting into SL as anything other than an orange cloud, despite a good net connection (fibre-optic cable) and a well set-up antivirus programme. I, conversely, with the same net and antivirus set-up, but scripted to the gills (200-300 scripts routinely) and running RLVa, had two instances of bakefail in a year!

We recently switched roles and now she has over 250 scripts, is running RLVa but yet her bake-fail rate is almost nil, whereas I, running about 150 scripts on the standard viewer, am having bakefails about one in three logins!

This is NOT coincidence! It occurrs to me that the RLVa viewer communicates with the sim (to the avatar’s restraints), whereas the Standard viewer has no such requirement. Could this extra need for communication be kicking in the bake and making “bakefail” less likely?

This seems, on the face of it implausible, even silly, yet I cannot deny evidence before my eyes. I would welcome comments from other RLV and RLVa users, and also from standard viewer users. If you are going to tell me my idea is nonsense, I’d be grateful if you could explain WHY it’s nonsense and give me another valid reason for my observations. I am truly puzzled.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 20, 2012.

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