Vanishing Point

It is becoming clear that the current code that is running on all SL servers has a few bugs in it. Region crossings, which had improved, are bad again as an unwelcome side-effect of Linden Lab’s data-centre shuffle. In reducing Second Life from 3 data-centres to 2 the careful positioning of adjacent sims on the same server has been destroyed. No doubt that will be restored in time following the completion of the move. But that isn’t the biggest problem being reported currently.
No, the problem seems to be that on moving an avatar, with attachments or sitting in a vehicle, from one sim to another, the “receiving” sim does not send the data on accompanying objects, be they mesh, sculpty or standard prim, to the viewer of said avatar. The avatar may get the information back by clicking on the object (or where the object “should be”) since at that point the receiving server has the info, it just hasn’t sent it to the avatar’s viewer. Doing that in some cases impairs the vehicle’s movement (I don’t pretend to understand this but I take it on trust for folk who know better).
Whether this is some unexpected effect of “Interest List” work done as part of Project Shining, or it is an unwanted side-effect of the fix to the SVC-8124 bug, no-one seems clear. Either way for the second week in a row the project code for the RC channels failed to pass QA on Aditi. This may be due to renewed diligence in the QA operation (I hope) or it may simply be that the new code was so radical that it simply didn’t work! Who knows. The upshot is that this buggy code will be on Main Server for almost another 2 weeks at least and that is not going to please folk in SL who like to sail and/or fly (in vehicles).

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 27, 2012.

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