Let’s do the Timewarp again (again)

Now I doubt if the serious lag/sim stalling issue that seems to be affecting SL really IS TIMEWARP again since this was addressed by OS upgrades as I understand it, but something is certainly wrong in SL at the moment.
Rubber-banding has never been as bad, in recent years, as it is on most sims at present, and reports of difficult or impossible sim crossings are becoming more and more frequent. Some of these problems are almost certainly due to the Server-farm reallocation that LL are doing to reduce their operation to two datacentres, but there is more than that afoot.
I have even seen minor instances of hesitations and rubber band-like actions on my own lightly-loaded and well-run homestead over the past few days. That the server software now being run by all SL is partly culpable tells only part of the story.
In the forums Theresa Tennyson, who knows a great deal more about the innards of SL than I, suggests that something is causing a memory leak on the servers (something that “Lydia Craig” was harping on about a month or more ago).

Whatever is causing this issue Linden Lab need to get on top of this pronto unless they want to be seen to be failing by all their newly acquired users from Steam. Those of us with a track-record in SL will undoubtedly sit tight and wait for the storm to pass, but not everyone is so patient.

Edit to Add;1st October:
It seems that there is either a concerted griefing campaign under way in Sl or something is badly wrong with the servers. There are multiple reports in the Server Blog (Toysoldier Thor’s thread) of sims hosting popular events running into a “Wall of Lag” where nearly all avatars on a sim are booted off SL. Moon Metty seems to have discovered either a failing in the software or evidence of a griefing script which hamstrings sims, causing them either to crash or run so slowly that they are effectively stalled. I hope this is not connected with the influx of script-savvy gamers via Linden Lab’s tie up with Steam (some folk suggested this sort of scenario some weeks ago as a “worst-case” consequence of allowing unscrupulous gamers, who might think it amusing to mess with other folk’s enjoyment, access to SL).

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 29, 2012.

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