Black Wednesday

Well SL, or rather the LeTigre part of SL, had its own Black Wednesday this week. The first Rolling Restart to code that we were assured had paased LL QA on Aditi was rolled to my home sim at just before 6pm UK time. After a somewhat longer period of downtime that usual, some 40 minutes, I logged in to find our bed literally in pieces, its rezzable parts nowhere near its main part, and its scripts inactive. Once I had determined that there was nothing that I could do to ameliorate that mess, I went to look around the sim. It was then that I discovered that my AO was borked also, and could no longer sense Linden water. I “swam” everywhere! Any moving scripted animals (of which we have a few) were either stationary or moving slowly and erratically. One had completely vanished and had not been “returned” to me.

I left SL promptly after about 20 minutes since the sim was about to restart again. After a further 30 minutes I returned. My Kingfisher was now in my “Lost and Found” folder and all other scripted objects and attachments (including my AO) were working again. I put the Kingfisher back on its perch and thankfully it began to work normally. I then left SL to have my RL dinner, leaving an Email warning to my partner to be aware of “returns” and odd goings-on.
She logged on a while later to find a couple of items returned, but had to leave promptly, as the sim was about to restart for a third time. I unfortunately logged on just over 2 minutes before the 3rd restart to find that my account had been reset. My viewer settings had been wiped, and a clever little programme I have that tells me about access (I had a hacking attempt made on my account a couple of years ago which LL helped me to avoid – sorry I am not at liberty to disclose anything about it) announced that there had been “admin” access to my account!
I made some rudimentary changes to my settings but had to log off for this 3rd restart, which apparently put our sim back into its last “good” state, prior to the first rolling restart (are you following this?) PAY ATTENTION! Finally, at about 10pm UK time I had all my main settings sorted and everything was back on the sim where it ought to be and working. One final step was to recreate my Firestorm “Bridge” which the initial restart had destroyed.

All in all it was a grim experience, and a hell of a lot of work for Support and the Restart team. I was nothing like as badly affected as some Mainland LeTigre residents who had most of their possessions returned to them, some irrepairably corrupted. That Oskar kept us informed as to what was going on and the Grid Status page for once actually reflected the true “status” of SL is good, but the claim made by Oskar on Tuesday, on behalf of LL development (I assume), that the code for the RC channels had all pased QA on Aditi turned out to be worthless. This is just one more nail in a fairly well attached coffin lid for SL and not the sort of chaos that new residents moving into SL from Steam want to see. That the advent of Steam clients may result in increased griefing seems to be accepted as “just one of those things” by Linden Lab, but at the moment, Rod Humble is making a great case for him being crowned as the CEO that finally killed off SL.

ETA: Apropos of my last comment above, I find out now that Humble has overseen the “letting go” of still more staff from Linden Lab, apparently members of the “Community” team. How more accurately could he stick two fingers up to residents? Of course Linden Lab has a new Financial Officer (CFO?) to replace Bob Komin, so no doubt the guy thought that getting rid of a few (apparently useless) staff would be a good start. No doubt Humble thought so too.

ETA 2, Saturday 6th 3:30pm BST:

Having read Simon Linden’s “explanation” of what caused last Wednesday’s issues on LeTigre via Inara Pey’s Blog (qv), I am left baffled at his lack of insight. The return of and damage to scripted objects is completely overlooked in his summary. I cannot help but feel that next Wednesday, if indeed they do roll out the “physics update” as he plans to, we may have another day of roll and roll-back to look forward to, together with further asset-damage. The Lindens’ ability to manage competently their own creation is looking ever less.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 5, 2012.

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  1. Ah how wonderful and comfortable r/l d/s is as compared to the never ending perils of its virtual counterpart 🙂

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