Mesh…all at Sea?

Following the fix applied to SVC-8124, where sims were spamming huge amounts of data to viewers, there seems to have been a problem at sim-crossings for Mesh items, rigged or otherwise. Now we are told that Mesh contains far more information than prims, even sculpties, and it is true that rendering mesh requires a great deal more GPU power than prims.
So it would be no surprise to find that the data required to render a Mesh vehicle is also that much greater. Now…if the sim-server’s data-sending capacity is now throttled by this Bugfix, maybe the server cannot send the info to the viewer of the avatar at a sim crossing in a timely way and the viewer-server link times out in some way. It is also said that attached Mesh (rigged Mesh) often vanishes on sim crossing; it is still attached but will not render until the viewer refreshes either following a change of viewpoint or a “touch” of the item. This I cannot comment upon since while sailing I keep scripts, Mesh and prims as far as possible off my avatar

Either way, this is a serious and irritating bug, and is yet another blow to designers and creators who have done as Linden Lab exhorted and started creating Mesh vehicles. One in particular, Motor Loon, must rue the day that he started work on his Mesh Loonetta 31. The craft is lovely to look at and sail, great at sim crossing (bug ignored) and efficient script-wise. However in terms of usablilty, his “older” Oceanic boat, composed of sculpted and ordinary prims, is far superior simply because it does not derender at sim crossings! Coupled with the mayhem wreaked by the physics updates, this latest issue really makes it difficult to advocate the use of Mesh in vehicles that cross sim boundaries.

Speaking purely personally I find it unnerving to be sailing rapidly across a sim on an invisible boat! As to whether Linden Lab will fix this fix remains to be seen, since we are due yet another round of grief from further updates to SL physics soon. It is difficult to know whether to raise a bug report on the new JIRA system, simply because I really do not know what mechanism is failing!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 16, 2012.

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