Light at the end of the tunnel…but it flickers

Recently, as Linden Lab labour to update all their hardware and software, there have arisen a nunber of minor, but frankly irritating glitches. One positive aspect of the current climate in SL seems to be a better relationship between the Lindens that do put their heads above the parapet (Oskar, Maestro, Simon and several others whose names for now escape me) and the residents of SL.
Perhaps it is a more harmonious atmosphere at The Lab or maybe, just maybe, the removal of the Public JIRA as a venting conduit actually has had the effect desired by the Lindens. Either way, there seems to have been a more productive relationship between users and the developers of SL, and the recent “Pile-On” test held on Aditi seems to have cemented a more open relationship betwen Lindens and users.

There are many who would call this just a temporary ‘blip’ in the relationship and still more that would say “about time too”. I think staring down the barrel of imminent redundancy has focussed a few minds at Battery Street, because SL was heading for the buffers at an appalling speed recently. Whether the situation really has changed for the better remains to be seen, and this would not be the first time that Linden/User relations have appeared to improve only to nosedive spectacularly shortly after.

If SL is to have a future, and those jobs ar Battery Street are to be anything other than temporary, there needs to be a sharp upturn in the stability of SL (and I do not mean the Grid, which is now far more stable than it was a couple of years or more ago) so that those who join SL from the Steam community are not faced with a malfunctioning and unusable mess (which SL did resemble at a couple of stages recently).

The updating of SL’s Havok physics seems to have been handled rather better this time than the awful mess foisted on us a few months ago, though there are still examples of total ham-fistedness in the placing of upgraded sims where they caused the greatest disruption. That efforts to minimise this disruption were suggested is a plus. That they are put into practice is entirely another matter.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 27, 2012.

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