This week’s Rolling Restarts were another “whoopsie” moment for Linden Lab. The stated software due to be rolled to all Main Server sims on Wednesday never materialised. All Main Server sims were rolled to a code that had been on Bluesteel RC servers a couple of weeks previously….oh dear!

The whole release schedule was a day late, due to either some “back end” issues or to avoid dispuption of Hallowe’en festivities, depending on whose version of events you believed.

Whatever the reason, the Main Server roll was on Wednesday and the RCs today, Thursday. Unfortunately the Main Server roll was a FUBAR; what was irritating was that it wasn’t until today afternoon Pacific time that we had any official acknowledgement of what was plain for us all to see. Why it took so long for LL to hold their hands up I simply do not know, this was too obvious to try to hide.

Also on LeTigre, or at least on our sim, at around 3pm Pacific we experienced about 30 mins of spikes where sim physics would collapse to 0.1FPS for about 10 seconds every couple of mins or so. During these spikes TD and all other metrics remained normal, so what was afflicting our server I do not know. All I do know is that shortly after I posted my information on the Server Blog, the spikes mysteriously ceased and did not return for the rest of the evening. I am left scratching my head about that.

All in all not one of The Lab’s better weeks.

Edit Sunday 4th Nov, 11am SLT:
This has NOT been a weekend to remember for many residents and I would think many of Linden Lab’s weekend technical support. “Unscheduled maintenance” is Linden-speak for running repairs, and we had that on the Inventory Servers, Login Servers, the Marketplace and LL’s Billing system. I logged in to be told by my partner that SL “had been all over the place” earlier, and I certainly had noticed that the SL engine was running rough on the UK Saturday night. Oh well, it has certainly NOT been one of The Lab’s better weeks. One has to hope that the coming week will be better!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 2, 2012.

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