Another man down

I just found out via a post on the server blog from a far better informed user that Oskar Linden, as far as I knew the Leader of the Server Team, has left Linden Lab. I gather, via Ciaran Laval, that it was not HIS decision.
This week’s Server Roll post was put out by Maestro, and we must assume that the process will be controlled as usual.

There have been a few Server Roll bloopers in recent weeks and a throwaway comment by Oskar to me recently leads me to think that all was not well between himself and The Lab. Whatever the reason I am sad to see him go. He appeared to be one of the Lindens that actually enjoyed his interactions with the Users (at least those not engaged in moaning or flaming). I got told off myself once, but at least he explained WHY I was being told off!

I hope this doesn’t mark another dip in LL-User communications. Somehow that would be par for the course.

ETA after a quick spell on SLU: Seems like it is true. Geez will Rodvik NEVER learn?

ETA Tuesday 6th at 6am SLT:
There seems to be some comment floating about that Oskar was sacked for banning a griefer from a sandbox. The suggestion that the griefer was connected in some way to an influential member of the LL board is too horribly believable. However, it needs to be remembered that there has been a spate of dreadful Restart bloopers necessitating Rollbacks lately: maybe Oskar’s is the head demanded by the board for this. If so, it shows remarkable concern for the status of SL from the management of SL…is that Steam I see rising?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 6, 2012.

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