The same, but different……

Today saw yet another FUBAR Restart to the Release Candidate channels. Magnum was rolled first, and hardly had the roll begun than posts began appearing on the Release Blog concerning offline IMs being received blank (ie with no content). This was followed by reports that no-one could rez from inventory on Magnum sims, and this issue spread to Bluesteel as the roll started there.

The Status page then was updated to say that there was “scheduled maintenance” being carried out due to “internal system failures”.

OK; now who in their right mind schedules maintenance during a roll? Come on Linden Lab we are not stupid! What is also significant is that the code due to be released on Bluesteel and LeTigre was identical, so if it was unwise to roll to LeTigre (and for that I am very grateful), what fate befell Marum and Bluesteel sims? Were they rolled back? Or do those on Magnum and Bluesteel simply have to suck-up the issues for now?

I was told that it was inventory/asset server issues, but no one on LeTigre sims that I spoke to had the issue. There is more to this issue than Linden Lab have thus far admitted, and while I KNOW that they are out to get me, I may also not be paranoid!

I, for one, will wait to see what finally emerges about this failure, but it seems to me that yet another LL baby was thrown out with the last lot of bathwater.

ETA Thursday 7pm GMT (11am Pacific, SL time):
I see that both Magnum and Bluesteel sims are to be rolled back due to issues surrounding the deeds and permissions system (hence the rezzing problem I would assume) Maestro Linden quite rightly called this a showstopper! Ah well, messy but resolved, one has to hope that LL can gain a bit more control of their processes soon.

ETA Friday November 30th, 2pm GMT (6am Pacific, SLT:
One has only to read blog posts from the likes of Qie Niangao and Triple Peccable on the Server Blog to see what is happening to this platform, and that the communication between resident and Linden Lab is now utterly broken. Thanks Rod.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 29, 2012.

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