New Firestorm

Today (Monday Dec 3rd) the Phoenixviewer team released their latest viewer in full release form. Firestorm is as good as it gets in SL right now, in my opinion. The clean install took me no more than 5 minutes, and once logged in another 15 or so to have the viewer set up and customized to my preferences. It’s fast, stable and full of bits n pieces to keep most average to geeky users happy.

New things like a streamlined Area Search, V1 search as an option (“legacy” search), and some extremely natty Phototools which look good and I will use once I’ve worked out how. A lot of fixes, some of which were produced by the brighter Lindens, some of which were produced by the brighter folk at Phoenix.

On my computer this viewer is significantly faster in sheer framerate terms, but thanks to the return of stepped view distance, also faster to rezz new scenes. There may be better viewers out there, but I don’t know one.

Another great product from the most motivated and open team (in my opinion) in SL. OK it helps if you have a good PC and a fast, wired internet connection, but that is true of every aspect of SL.

ETA Tuesday 4th Dec 1:30pm GMT:

Seems that ATi/AMD GPU users are seeing the pink prim issue again. This sounds like a glitch inherited from LL code, and needs attention from the Firestorm devs, since they are clearly more competent than Linden Lab at fixing bugs. This of course assumes that the buggy code is visible to non-Lindens. Sometimes it seems like The Lab takes a perverse pleasure in screwwing with its users. The professed cure is to update Catalyst drivers for the GPUs, but many are saying that this isn’t curing the problem. Yet again it seems to suggest that SL, for whatever reason, plays nicely only with nVidia GPUs.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 4, 2012.

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