Another week another fubar

Well, OK, not exactly a fubar, but a failed bugfix.

Last week, the RC roll was stopped due to several bugs in the code, and it was quickly apparent to anyone on Magnum and Bluesteel that there were problems. Maestro Linden told us that the roll has been halted and that LeTigre would not be rolled. All well and good, we thought.

Not so, it seems. Although we were assured that all the bugs had been fixed, all 3 RCs were rolled to the software again this Wednesday and guess what? One of the bugs wasn’t fixed. So now all three RCs have software that stops ‘llInstantmessage’ from working if the script’s owner is offline.

Now on Thursday Maestro posted that the bug was reproducible and acknowledged. Since then The Lab has been utterly silent in the Release Blog as to when or even whether this bug will be fixed.
This isn’t exactly a showstopper for many, but for SL traders it is a right royal pain in the ass, since vendor use is not logged to IM if the vendor’s owner is offline.

Whether The Lab is doing its usual Swan impersonation (no sign of activity above water but pedalling like fury underneath) or whether the inactivity is genuine I do not know. Once again we are in the dark coming up to one of the busiest trading periods in SL, and also a busy time RL for nearly everyone. This is just making some folks’ RL a bit more stressful than it needs to be.

Peace in SL and Goodwill to all Residents? I think not.

ETA Saturday 8th Dec 7:45pm GMT:

Time to eat Humble Pie, it seems. Sorry Steve. It would seem that the bug fixed in last week’s code was NOT the same as the one that has arisen. To the ignorant such as me, it appeared the same, or at least very similar but, as I have seen from other blogs, although the same script is involved, it is NOT the same bug. So I apologise to the Linden Lab QA programmer who passed this code as fit for purpose. I gather there are still “investigations” taking place, but a fix will “most likely” be rolled to the RCs this coming Wendnesday. So that’s a definite “maybe”. I am contrite but not at all reassured.

What do you mean “Steve who?” Steve Marriott..oh look it up!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 7, 2012.

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