101 uses for a dead Virtual World

Or…”How I learned learned to ignore common sense and to love (only) games”, by Rod Humble. I write this in a foul mood, having read of Linden Lab’s ludicrous attempt to promote SecondLife via Amazon.com. It is not the mere fact that Linden Lab has once more stuck two fingers up at non-US citizens, but that its marketing offer was at best insulting and at least plain stupid.

Anyone capable of doing basic maths would rapidly realise that LL’s offers were actually making folk pay for items previously offered for free to Premier Accounts. Now whoever thought up that stunning marketing strategy ought to be ashamed of themselves. That the offers were available to US customers only is ridiculous, but sadly par for the course for this company’s half-baked decisions.

Coupled with a recent spate of griefing/extortion incidents within SecondLife which Linden Lab seems incapable of controlling, despite ample opportunity via its own Terms of Service (ToS), I am left with the feeling that Linden Lab is a rudderless ship, with the current CEO quite unable to give any meaningful direction to his staff.

It has been long the case that Linden Lab’s involvement in SecondLife has only been grudging, but the current ineptitude displayed in its dealings with the real world of e-commerce is a source of concern.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 6, 2013.

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