Dear, Oh Dear (revisited)

First Main Server Roll of 2013…a simple upgrade of the software to that which had been running fine on the RCs for 3 weeks. What could go wrong?

Thump, tinkle, crash. Oh Lor….Oops. Major packet loss and lag all across the grid. Scripts borked, Inventory and Asset servers borked. Sims unable to keep track of avatars. What DIDN’T go wrong?

OK so this was pure bad timing and unrelated to the Roll. Really, Kelly? You REALLY expect users to believe that? Something that was done was the straw that broke the camel’s (for this read Linden Lab’s ancient and already creaking central servers) back.
The bottom line is that SL’s hardware is largely old and mostly obsolescent. It needed replacing 4 years ago, yet to date less than 25% has been upgraded.

In short Linden Lab…Get you fingers out and spend some of the huge profits we make for you on new hardware.

Y’know I don’t hate Linden Lab (they gave us SL); I just hate the way it is managed.

Edit Wednesday 9th Jan 2013, 18:00 GMT (ish)

Several things have emerged regarding last (UK) evening’s massive disruption to SL. Firstly the Grid Status Page’s attempts to announce the issue were made laughable due to its apparent inability to work out which month it was, telling us that it was December 2013; a Ninja edit has since corrected that. OK, it was a typo and they (LL) were rather busy trying to fix the real issue!
Secondly there has been a bit of an Urban myth created about what happened, with a massive cyber attack on Amazon’s servers in the USA being cited. There is also a rather enigmatic comment on this week’s SL server release blog suggesting that the issue required a “fix” to be rolled out to each and every sim on the Grid. Now since no mention of this is made on the Grid Status Page, I am more than inclined to disregard it as a credible explanation of what actually occurred. Linden Lab are routinely coy about explaining outages in their service and I very much doubt if any attributable reason will emerge for the problem, but it does rather leave one wondering!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “Dear, Oh Dear (revisited)”

  1. Thursday saw things go awry again. The asset cluster, a central cluster of database servers storing vast amounts of content didn’t do what it was supposed to when new hardware was plugged in and old hardware was removed.

  2. The grids are made of regions each 256 meters square. Regions without servers appear as deep sea and cannot be entered and cannot be flown over, but regions with servers can be seen across regions without servers.

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