How to be wise after the event

Last week’s dreadful outage following the Main Server restarts was, in my memory, one of the more unpleasant episodes in the last few years of SL. Now that the dust seems to be settling, some of the myths and rumours surrounding the issue have been laid to rest.

As I suspected at the outset, it was a central server issue at the Phoenix datacentre that precipitated the problem, the precise nature of which will probably never be revealed. Suffice to say the Linden Lab and SL suffered a “serious internal network issue”.

So, it was neither a cyber attack on Amazon’s servers from China, nor was it a botched restart of Main Servers. It was a failure of SL’s central server network – the one that has been in crying need of replacement/upgrading for some four years. If Rod Humble and the Board of Directors of Linden Lab do not take positive and significant action soon, this goose will have laid its last Golden Egg. I will say no more.

Except this. The communications between Resident-facing Lindens and the Residents of SecondLife are experiencing a renaissance at the moment, but all this will be set at naught unless Linden Lab spends some serious money on the SecondLife hardware

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 12, 2013.

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