Not quite connected?

This post is written during a spell when a good 10% of SL residents are finding their avatars either confined to one sim, as I am, or destined to TP to empty-looking sims. Something is affecting connectivity within and to SecondLife servers. The issue appears to be centred on the Dallas server-farm, which, as I understand it, is one of what are now two major co-locations for Secondlife in the USA.

It used to be three, but a recent rationalisation by Linden Lab reduced this to two at the end of 2012. Now it may be coincidence but ever since then there have been instances of bad connectivity all over SL and virtually none of the software updates rolled to the Release Candidate Channels has made it to Main-Server status. Recently our sim on the LeTigre RC channel suffered a number of loosely related issues and following discussion with both Maestro and Kurt Linden and a ticket to Support, we moved…not as Linden Lab apparently intended to a new Main Server sim, but another server on LeTigre.

Now I don’t want to cast too many aspersions at Support, but we have had a catalogue of issues since then, primarily mine, whereby TP out of the sim is damn near impossible.

Then to add to my woes my local ISP suffered a local outage and my net connection is currently at about 10% of its usual capacity. Speed seems OK so long as no major amount of data is required, whereupon the data transfer either stalls or is painfully slow. Also my modem will only connect to the system if “kicked” by someone at the ISP, left to its own devices it never quite makes it. “Always leave you modem on then”, is what I’ve been told…this is said by someone who doesn’t pay their own power bill, I must assume!

As a result I can just about reach Secondlife, but any attempt to teleport results in almost certain disconnection. I am assured by my ISP that this issue will be resolved tomorrow, but knowing how fickle these things are I do not hold out much hope for a rapid return to “normal service”.

Combined with the current parlous state of SecondLife itself, I suspect my book collection will see a lot more use than of late!

ETA 4:45pm SLT Sunday27th Jan:

Having noted the slow-burning furore on the server blog growing hourly, with others reporting the same Server issue in Dallas that I’ve seen and watching Andrew Linden get soundly rapped over the knuckles by Jessica Lyon and Tankmaster Finesmith, I am left wondering whether Linden Lab is about to pack up and shut down SecondLife. Really, their current performance is abysmal even by their low performance record.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 27, 2013.

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  1. Certain account information is displayed to other users in your Second Life profile, and may be available through automated script calls and application program interfaces. This information includes your account name, account type, the date your account was established, whether or not you are currently online, user rating information, group and partner information, and whether or not you have established a payment account or transaction history with Linden Lab. Further, you agree and understand that Linden Lab does not control and is not responsible for information, privacy or security practices concerning data that you provide to, or that may otherwise be collected by, Second Life users other than Linden Lab. For instance, some services operated by Second Life users may provide content that is accessed through and located on third party (non-Linden Lab) servers that may log IP addresses.

  2. One thing is clear: like Second Life, Linden Lab’s trio of new products won’t comfortably fit in with our common perception of video games. Indeed, they won’t necessarily cohere to our understanding of virtual worlds, either. But for Humble, any difficulty people have with applying labels is a strong indication that he is heading in the right direction.

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