5 years and counting…

Well, I sort-of “had” to post today. Today marks 5 years in SL for me. I know a lot of folk have been in SL for longer than me, some going on for 10 years now, but I doubt that many have spent a great deal more time in-world than I have.

Since my RL condition ruined whatever hope I had of an active and fulfilled life, SecondLife has become a second, no, who am I kidding, first home to me. I have explored and endured a lot, nearly all of it willingly, and also nearly all of it with my dearly beloved partner, Rachael Ezvalt.

That our relationship sprang out of a BDSM – D/s lifestyle is now largely immaterial. It still plays a large part in our lives together but it is not the all-excluding factor that it once was. Rachael is well aware of my liking for restraint and is content to provide a restraining hand when it is needed. However I would never have had the courage to face my RL situation without her assistance and counsel and for that I owe her a great debt of gratitude. It is easily forgotten that one of the main reasons why many of us have “secondlives” at all is due to problems in our first lives. I’m sure it was not in Philip Rosedale’s mind when he brought the concept of a virtual reality world to us in the first instance. Indeed it is said that the adoption of SL by such as myself and others with much more handicapped real lives was and still is a source of irritation to him. Tough. We are here and, so far as I know, we are intending to stay.

SecondLife is plagued by technical and conceptual shortcomings and failures and many of us bemoan “The Lab”‘s inability to solve many of them. “The Lab” – Linden Laboratory – has had a varied career and has certainly not sustained its initial promise as one of the great success stories of the “Dot Com” revolution. Be that as it may, it has provided many folk with an absorbing and challenging environment in which to live out their fantasies and develop their virtual skills.

Whether SecondLife, or for that matter myself, will be here in another 5 years seems a little unlikely, but for now it is a great, if on occasion frustrating, place to be.

One more thing… Rachael – thankyou for making my SecondLife worth living and my first life bearable!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 6, 2013.

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