Making a difference….Part Deux

OK, hardly an original title, but there you go. On Tuesday, the Main Server was rolled to the software that had initially proved so troublesome on LeTigre RC last week. Frankly, it was no surprise to find large spikes of packet loss occurring post-roll, but what I had not expected was a massive increase in sim ping (i.e. the time taken for a signal to make the round trip from my PC to the sim-server and back).

I was not the only one seeing this phenomenon, and both Maestro and Monty Linden responded, telling us on the blog what belatedly came to the status page, that a major tranche of network maintenance was under way. Once that was completed the packet-loss vanished and sim ping returned to normal for the UK.

Now, you could say that this was yet another example of a Linden Lab FUBAR, but it was the prompt and open attitude of these Lindens that defused any potential for griping. This is a welcome departure for The Lab recently and I only hope that it does not prove to be yet another “flash in the pan”. Most reasonable folk can cope with a little pain so long as the Lindens come to the blogs and tell us. That really is all it takes.

By the way, in world don’t expect much in the way of conversation from me, apart from the odd snort and neigh. Ponies are not chatterboxes.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 18, 2013.

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