Ponygirl…a state of mind?

I’ve thought long and hard about making a post such as this for a while. When, back in March, I decided to try to formulate a credible Ponygirl avatar for myself in SL, I hadn’t really thought through how it would affect me and my SL.

For one thing, I didn’t really know how my long-term SL partner Rachael Ezvalt would react…to be honest I didn’t know how I would react either! Ponyplay in SL is fairly well-established and to be honest I know very little about it. I know about its association with D/s roleplay as much from others’ experience as from my own. In RL Ponyplay is a fairly small part of BDSM play, but there seems to be a disproportionate amount of Ponyplay in SL, I suppose due to the degree of transformation achievable.

At the moment, I suspect that I am still enthused by the novelty of this roleplay, but I have to admit that this “form” has satisfied me to an extent that I had not expected and others in my acquaintance who are travelling a similar path are still at an “excited newcomer” stage too. That there are dark elements to Ponyplay both in SL and RL is known to me, just as there is a dark and rather dangerous side to all BDSM. The tenets of RACK and SSC pertain in just the same way as in wider BDSM. I have to say that the interpretation followed by my Dominant and partner Rachael and myself is less – intense – than some folk would prefer it but it suits us (as far as I know!).

All I am prepared to vouchsafe at this point is that I am enjoying this “form” more than any other I have adopted in SL. I sincerely hope that my satisfaction is shared by my Dominant. At the moment, it seems to be so, and I hope it will remain so for quite some time.

The clothing that an SL “human pony” can wear is limited but not hugely so, and there is scope for quite a lot of variation. The tack available is again not enormous but it is more than adequate in my view, with well-made (and by that I mean both well made physically and good-looking, but also well-scripted and well-functioning) tack available in my experience from several creators – I favour Mesmerize Dungeon tack, another pony in my acquaintance wears Morbid-Play tack and there are several others, though I have no experience of anything else other than Tokon some years ago.

The scope of Ponyplay environments is not wide, and like all SL BDSM areas it seems to be contracting, though Foret de Broceliande, which I knew in my early SL days back in 2008, still exists, though it seems a bit of a “Marie Celeste” sim, goodness knows who pays the tier there now!

The reaction of non-D/s residents to an SL pony is markedly different to that shown to other BDSM-oriented avatars (or it has been for me so far) and just why that should be I am not clear; that is something I hope to discover in my time as an SL pony – it may simply be that in my “take” on the Ponygirl, it is a bit less inhuman and self-absorbed than others. I simply do not know.

As I said in my first post after transformation into an SL pony, watch this space!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 27, 2013.

6 Responses to “Ponygirl…a state of mind?”

  1. RL pony tack doesn’t have to be expensive, if you shop at actual horse tack shops. (Be prepared for a few knowing smiles from behind the counter!) The bridles and other tack modified or custom-made to fit humans are generally quite expensive. You can get the feel of RL ponyplay by purchasing an $8 rubber pony bit, and attaching two short buckling leather “extenders” (about $5 each) to each of the rings, then buckle it behind the head.

  2. Some years ago, http://www.pupett.com featured Pupett in head to toe latex, complete with a bridle, hooves, and tail.Seeing this picture had a profound effect on me.I then did a search for ponygirls, and found the single most awesome ponygirl resource site, http://sirjeff.mirrors.bdsm.cz/index.html . Having spent the next few weeks looking over the multitude of photos and reading the stories, I was hooked.I began roleplaying in Yahoo chat, using emotes to portray myself as a ponygirl in tack.On Sir Jeff’s website I found pictures of a ponygirl in full tack, standing outside a stable, and on reading the caption under the pic, I learned it was taken in a “game” called Second Life.Much later, I acquired a new pc and signed up for broadband Internet.That same day, I had downloaded and installed Second Life, and was hell bent on discovering the pony scene in world.After several largely uninteresting and lonely forays into the places listed for ponygirls, I went off on a tangent, and became part of a Victorian themed BDSM sim that just happened to have a ponygirl stable. By this time, I had already spent a fair sum of linden dollars on pony tack, and on meeting with the Stable Mistress of Frilly Filly Farm, I was a signed up pony, and loving it.During the quieter times, I got bored as a pony, and between roaming SL partaking in non pony related activities, (yes I do have a life outside of ponyplay) I also became a trainer at FFF.And I am still there now, probably most often as a pony, or just wondering around in civilian clothes, but catch me in the right mood, and I will gladly take a ponies reins and help to train.So that’s my story, in brief, leaving out a lot of the really tedious, boring bits.What is your story? Care to share?

    • Share? My Story? It is here, on this blog, warts ‘n’ all. Make of it what you will.

  3. Public participation in human animal roleplay is varied. A couple could inconspicuously role-play a silly but loving pet play scene in public, but it would look like one partner is merely stroking the other’s neck innocently to the casual observer. In the case of some BDSM fetishists , one partner may wear a dog collar with a leash attached.

  4. [2009/04/28 13:13] Evangeline Eldritch: Yes, I agree. I am always happy to see more stables, individuals, and places hosting events. There’s been some nice generation of activity lately. I also am concerned with how the new LL changes will affect things for us all. Okay, my next question. 😉 As you look back over the past years in the sl pony play world what big innovations have you seen that made a difference as in tack and gear? when it comes to the ponies?

  5. Ponygirl…a state of mind? | Ayesha’s Ramblings

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