Geekery Pokery

This is an abnormal post for me. Yesterday I took the plunge and decided to use a new Solid State drive in my PC for SL. I had all but run out of room on my main C: drive, itself an SSD, after 2 years of use and I knew that “something had to be done”.

At the beginning of the week I spoke with the people who made and supplied my PC (an independent specialist outfit in Northern England), who recommended an additional drive for my purpose. I ordered it and received both it and some additional cables within 24 hours, which is pretty good service, I think!

Installing the disc in my computer was a task I dreaded…I am no Geek and the thought of fiddling with the innards of my PC filled me with misgivings. Nevertheless I started full of …not exactly enthusiasm, but more a sort of grim determination and despite a couple of issues I got the job done, thanks to superb support from the suppliers. That was half the task…now I had to move the SL viewer and despite the reassurance of a fellow SecondLifer this time I didn’t merely dread doing it, it actually made me feel ill thinking about it!

After two hours of frankly sweaty concentration it was done and…wow, it worked!! So now I have a large-ish section of storage space for my Firestorm, and I am a happy SL pony…but am I now a probationary Geek? Frankly I don’t know. Someone said that it is almost impossible to avoid becoming a partial geek if one is to have a reasonably complex SL. In that case I am guilty as charged!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 4, 2013.

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