Variation on a theme of Pony

Having taken my Domina to the Fabulous Pony Ranch to see the changes that are rapidly unfolding as the new region develops, I found that she was more than a little taken by the style of outfit worm by Marine Kelley in the advertisement for her Sassy Pony AO, which I now use. The pony head is from Hybridz as part of their Latex Ponygirl outfit.

Shortly thereafter we were at Hybridz and now you will see me as a Latex covered Pony. I only actually use the Hood (head) of the outfit and I removed the Zhao AO animation overrider script which cannot be turned off. The rest of the outfit is much as before…EMO “Strangelove”(how appropriate a name!) hair, MD Head Harness (for some of its features), Hand Hooves and tail, KDC knee-high Ponyboots, Rosal Tuer 2 mesh neck and waist corsets all set off by the *poc black latex catsuit and a Trilobitewear/SINH harness (the latter harness may no longer be available, I don’t know since SINH are long gone and Trilobite Reismann’s vendors seem dead as well now).

Pony at FPR again.Snapshot_001

It will be interesting to see how this less anthropomorphic outfit is received by those who previously seemed so well-disposed to a more human Ponygirl! Personally I love the look, and I gathered last night that my Domina rather likes it as well, so I may be like this for a while! Right at the end of my first post I said “We must see where this leads”…it leads here so far and I think there is some way yet to go.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 2, 2013.

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