I’m posting this really just to get a rant off my chest. Since Linden Lab announced the application of Server-Side Baking of Avatars or Sever-Side Appearance or whatever they currently wish to call it, it has been blamed for almost all the ills on SecondLife (though I haven’t yet heard anyone implicate it in unwanted pregnancies).

In the first major introduction to the Main Grid on the LeTigre RC channel, it coincided with a reversion of actions that prevented any objects from being saved to notecards. Apart from that the baking itself seemed to me to work very well.

This week in order to increase the number of sims running SSA Linden Lab chose to withdraw it from LeTigre and roll it to Magnum RC (which is double the size of LeTigre). Again, as far as I can see it is working well, even in crowded clubs where I was expecting issues.

However the blogs and forums have been full of folk saying that SSA has ruined their inventories, caused them not to rez or any number of other issues, even on sims that have never had SSA near them! Now one or two issues may be related to the new viewer code needed to work with SSA – I’m not a big enough nerd to say it aint so, but some of the complaints, while genuine enough of them selves are ludicrous if you try to implicate SSA. May folk say of the old client-side baking “why change it, it worked well for me.” It worked well for me too, on the whole, but there are many for whom bake-fail was a daily problem, and the bane of their Second Lives. So once SSA is grid-wide those people ought to see a big improvement.

There is always a down-side and for many with poor internet connections and poor spec Laptops the newest viewers are hard if not impossible to run. This has been an abiding issue in SL for the bulk of the ten years of its existence, and I doubt if it will cease to be one ever.

Like with all new things there is a fear of change and a reaction against it. I plead guilty to it myself a few times but this change, while I was not sanguine about LL’s introduction of it to the Main Grid, has proved to be a step in the right direction for nearly all of SL. One day I’ll find out where my cheese went.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 19, 2013.

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