What IS it about Ponies?

I’ve been in pony form now for about 4 months. I’ve begun to learn the protocols and etiquette of ponyhood, the not inconsiderable skills of barrel running and slaloms and the very considerable skill needed to race and show jump competently. I had thought that the limited clothing option that my Dominant had set for me might be a handicap, but frankly I rarely even think about it now. I have been joined in my SL by another latexpony, indeed as was noted on the Fabulous Pony Ranch by its owner Sissa Siamendes, I have a twin. Pony Larnia will doubtless be seen around SL a fair amount in the next few months, and NO she is not an alt of mine! I have noticed a sudden increase in the number of ponies, mostly latexponies like me that are regularly seen at my favourite club, and I have not yet been asked to leave a sim as a result of my appearance. I am not heavily scripted and I do not think I put an undue load on any server I visit.

I have been heartened and surprised by the way ponies are treated in SL. There is not the disdainful and condescending attitude that is often shown to others who live a BDSM-style SL, and yet many ponies are locked into hooves and bridle, some in forced mouselook, and while some are not in RLV, most, so far as I know, are. These days RLV/RLVa is really just another of the arsenal of tools that we have at our disposal in SL, not the niche kink that it seemed five years ago. I have found, though I admit I probably have a skewed local range of SL, that most folk are at least friendly to ponies and are very tolerant of our restrictions (no chat if wearing a bit, as I do full-time). There may be abusive folk out there but at the moment, thankfully, I have not encountered them.

I hope to remain in hooves and bridle for a long time to come and I must say that I think I am in no danger of being bored!
Latexpony restricted at FPR.Snapshot_001

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 21, 2013.

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  4. “Oh, that reminds me.” Luna waved a fore leg towards the classroom door, signalling somepony outside. The door slid open as three royal guard ponies entered, only not wearing the usual royal armour. Twilight was familiar with its appearance, her brother being captain of the royal and all. They were all in a camouflage jackets, made of dark greens and browns and on their hooves wore black, lace up combat boots. They were obviously some kind of soldiers. They each had a brown satchel attached to their sides. Twilight recognized the peculiar shape of the satchels, but she didn’t want to believe it. If those were what she thought they were, well she knew that Luna wasn’t bluffing, danger was ahead. Judging by their build, they were all guard ponies and loyal to Luna as they had dark coloured coats. The largest of the three, a black stallion, with a square chin and a grin plastered to his muzzle, was carrying a large black, bulging bag with points and dints showing through its lining. Clearly there was something fascinating inside. The two smaller stallions wheeled in a cart stacked high with black saddle bags, lined with the same orange on Twilight’s jacket. Each a different size, some with items protruding from the main compartment, though Twilight couldn’t see clearly.

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