Ping Pong

OK this has only a small connection with SL Ponyplay, but it is, nonetheless, a serious issue. For the last two or three weeks, sim pings via Abovenet to SL from various ISPs in Europe, the UK and Australia have been high, especially so in the UK evening hours, which roughly correspond to US business hours, taking the States as a whole.

This may not seem a big issue, and indeed at first I did not think it was. However it is now clear to me that any activity which requires accurate and speedy responses to control inputs, such as steeple-jumping for ponies and flying and vehicle racing for others is hugely negatively impacted if sim ping increases.

In all cases that I have investigated the culprit appears to be Abovenet, or rather its servers. The parent company ZayoNCC was not cooperative when I raised a question about the issue with them, pointing out that since I was not one of their clients myself they could and would do nothing. My ISP was a little better (Virgin Media) though I did eventually get a support technician to raise a network issue ticket about it.

Linden Lab were initially unhelpful, but thanks to efforts from Izzy, Monty and Maestro Linden, there is a BUG Report on the issue (BUG-4025) though most folk will not be able to see it.

I posted a thread on the Server Blog at SecondLife Forums, and it has reached a fourth page now. There is a Firestorm JIRA also, FIRE-11778. so now we wait and see if this issue can be tackled and overcome. For now it is seriously impeding SL activities at many times for many users.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 1, 2013.

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