5th Anniversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Domina and me partnering. When we did this, back in 2008, I doubt seriously that either of us thought that it would last so long, nor be so strong. Frankly, it is likely that neither of us really expected to still be in SL five years on.

I am not going to myther on about how wonderful these five years have been; it has been said often enough. Put simply, from my point of view (usually mouselook) if it was not for Domina, I simply would not be here, either in SL or most likely in RL.

Anyone seeing me around in SL will know that I am now a full-time pony, and I am likely to remain so. It was made clear to me last night that Domina is happy with my current avatar form, and since I am also, it is going to stick.

Today marked another point in our SL. We finally admitted to ourselves that our friend and co-habitant on our sim, Annabel Bubble, has left SL at least for the foreseeable future. We demolished her cottage and put up a new stable for myself to replace the small stall behind the Palazzo. In doing so we freed up some 250prims of capacity on the sim, something we will benefit from in even better sim stability and performance. If Annabel should ever return, we will have to talk with her about any future residence on our sim.

But I will return just briefly to Domina’s and my fifth anniversary: it is not often these days that such partnerships prosper. We both gain a lot from it and that is what makes it so strong. I hope we will have many more anniversaries partnered in SL.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 15, 2013.

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