Six months on….

On June 2nd I posted that I was now a latexpony. Six months on I still am and am likely to stay as such for quite some time yet. SL moves on and as I posted last time, we have said goodbye to the cottage that was nominally the abode of our companion Annabel. Annabel is no longer in SL, though we had a brief visit last month, which surprised us greatly. Real Life issues will keep Annabel from SL for some time, I think, so we must hope that all calms down enough in RL for her to rejoin us. By comparison someone who we have not seen in SL for many months (nay years) is Annette Jigau, who was around in 2008 at the start of my SL. Annette is visiting us regularly now and while she takes SL at a very superficial level, this may change.

Throughout all this I continue to learn the skills of steeplechasing and slalom, SL script-lag permitting and try to at least come into the top ten in competitions. I cannot compete with ponies from the USA who enjoy much lower ping times (on the whole) and whose PCs are better set-up, but I think I am getting closer!

Coupled with the partial return of our friend Larae with a new computer, Second Life is a busy place at the moment!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 2, 2013.

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