Happy Returns

This, for once has nothing to do with Ponyplay!

About a year ago, one of my favourite SL creators and store brands, DV8, ceased to trade inworld in SL. This was a blow to my, then human, avatar since I wore a good deal of DV8 gear. I later also heard that Dare Munro (Dare Designs) was having financial and computer trouble and might also leave SL.

The loss of Vasha (Martinek) and Dys was a heavy blow to a great many in SL since their designs were both high quality and very reasonably priced. Vasha had a sharp eye for design and the colours and textures of the creations was always high. Dare Munro’s creations were of lesser importance to me but always gave a different slant to many familiar items.

It was with great joy that I recently heard via the Inworld DV8 group that Vasha had teamed up to some degree with Dare and would be opening a store soon on Dark Eternity sim. That is almost upon us with DV8 and a revamped Dare Designs store opposite each other. There is still a while to wait for the official opening of the DV8 store but Vasha was in the group chat a couple of days ago and there is much to see at the new store.

I hope this marks an upturn in the fortunes both of Dare Munro and DV8, we need their originality. It also reinforces my belief in the pull of SL on anyone who has truly immersed themselves at some time or another in its wonders.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 12, 2013.

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