Now You see it….again

Not about the fabled and much criticized LL “Interest List” but an outfit that vanished from a store accidentally recently. As most of those who can be troubled to read this blog know, I am a Latex Pony, and have been since June. I have been asked many times especially recently where I got my Latex Pony head. My answer always was the same…Hybridz, with a fair bit of modification.

Recently an acquaintance pointed out to me that during the move from their old store on Tasmania sim to House of Whacks, the Latex Ponygirl and Latex Unicorn outfits had vanished. Calamity! I would probably be almost unique in SL then. Not so: a few words were exchanged with Fyre Furse the owner and creator of Hybridz, who “was sure the outfits were in the store”….and well, they are now! So, those of you who are determined to become or create Latex ponies can get the outfit at Hybridz now but be warned, if you want it to look and work like mine you have a fair bit of modding and editing to do!
It was good of Fyre to check at my behest and to correct the omission so promptly.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 18, 2013.

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