Fast Away the Old Year passes….

There is a huge hole in my SL this year. It is sad that my sister and our good SL friend Annabel Bubble is not with us – RL issues are keeping her away. There is another absence though – I refer to Masoon Ringo and Sweetlemon Jewell’s Alpha and Omega Points. Those sims ceased to be part of SL’s rich pasture in the earlier part of 2013. Never crowded but examples of fine building and adroit imaginations, both sims were marvels to behold and were a favourite haunt of mine at this time of year especially.

I featured the Ballroom in a blog post at the New Year last year. SL is full of wonders, but this winter it has a few less and is the poorer for it. Crimarizon also faded this past year, and while Megan Prumier is confident of its ultimate return, since Masoon and SweetLemon both seem to have left SL, Alpha and Omega Points have most likely gone the way of The Lost Gardens of Apollo and the Acropolis Gardens, two other picturesque sims I spent many happy hours wandering in past years.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 24, 2013.

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