And so into 2014

The topic I want to chew at today is sim-entry lag. It seems far worse in some locations than others and I must assume that it has something to do with the age/type of server. Some pony sims that I attend are plagued by massive sim-entry and leaving lag spikes. These are primarily physics fps drop-outs, not simply time-dilation (lag).

One pony stables, Trotting Tails, is particularly affected by this and while it is a great place and is run by lovely people, Jess Blackler (jessicablackler), the sim owner knows that events held there can be either truly great or truly awful, depending on lag issues. Despite closing TP to outsiders, residents frequently log or TP in and out during events, sending ponies crashing into fences or causing them to hover for seconds in mid-jump. Now it is NOT their fault, and similar phenomena occur at Frilly Filly Farm as well. Conversely some Pony Stable sims seem relatively resistant to such glitches, despite, in the case of Fabulous Pony Ranch, being only a homestead, not a full-region.

It makes me wonder if the full-region servers are on mainland and are older types of server while the homesteads are most often island estates and thus on newer types of server. My own home sim is a homestead and while we do get small glitches at avatar arrival and departure, they are not severe. So I wonder if it is something that estate owners can change or even have some say in when developing a new stables. I should, of course, mention that this phenomenon is not confined to Ponyplay sims…all places where racing is done or for that matter any place where accurate input is required from a resident during movement are affected by this and while it is true that simpler avatars with fewer prims, mesh and scripts are less affected and HAVE less effect on sims, that is not by any means the whole story.

Oh and Happy New Year to anyone who reads this.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 1, 2014.

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