So; 2014 and another hiatus?

It seems that the CEO post at Linden Lab is becoming a poisoned chalice. With some tricky issues to be solved for SL this year Rod Humble has vacated the CEO chair in search, it seems of pastures new. After a tenure of just three years and many bold promises, only some of which have not yet been achieved, Humble is moving on.

Rumour would have it that the new concepts promoted lately by Linden Lab are not the money-spinners that the LL Board expected and Rod’s exit has that “failure” at its root. It may also be the upcoming issues with SL’s WebKit and its inability to interact with You Tube soon. It seems that the update to WebKit, which was needed some three years ago has never been done due to the complexity of the coding of the basic SL viewer. That and the apparent intention of many internet radio stations to block Shoutcast relays will put a severe crimp in a lot of folks’ SLs.

It has to be said that Rod’s 3 years as CEO have been markedly better than those while Mark Kingdon was at the helm, and I for one will be sad to see him go. It is seriously unlikely that Philip Rosedale will do another “Band-Aid” spell in charge.

“Hamlet” Au’s “New World Notes” and Inara Pey’s “Living in the Modem World” blogs carry what little news has filtered out as yet (the story only broke last Friday) so we must wait and see wither next for SL.

NB: I’d put hyperlinks to the blogposts in here if I could get the blessed thing to work…so sorry you’ll have to Google them.

ETA Saturday 1st Feb:
I have been told by those that ought to know that a fair number of the improvements that SL achieved during Rod’s time in charge actually stemmed from decisions made during Mark Kingdon and Frank (FJ Linden) Ambrose’s time. I find it hard to credit Mark Kingdon for anything other than the spectacular failure of SL Enterprise, so you must forgive me.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 27, 2014.

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