Some people!

Today I saw something that baffled me completely (yes, OK I know that might not take much)! At a Pony Stable that I frequent – Trotting Tails – they were staging a 24hr slalom. Now there is nothing special about such events, they are fairly common in ponydom. What utterly baffled me was the a couple of folk came along in ordinary clothing, not pony tack of any sort and started competing! They were asked (by me) politely, in IM, not to compete unless in pony tack at which point they feigned total ignorance and claimed that they did not comprehend the restriction.

As the owner of the stables Jess Blackler said “Why take part in a pony event if not in pony tack?”; actually Jess put it more strongly!

Perhaps someone might be able to understand this but it is beyond my powers of rationalisation. Trotting Tails, in its new smaller form on a homestead sim, may only be a small corner of ponydom, but Jess expects folk to respect the rules of SL Ponyplay and I have to agree with her. I do not see any point in indulging in roleplay if you do not adopt a role!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 7, 2014.

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