Howling at the Moon

Recently on the Server Forum Release thread an avatar posted of sending a friendship request to Governor Linden. An exercise in futility, if you ask me, since I doubt very much if the account is even used these days, and certainly Linden Lab staff are unlikely to respond to the questions asked of the Governor.

It always makes me sad to see folk who invest a huge amount of emotion, time and effort into making their SecondLives as they wish them, only to have their pride and joy summarily deleted from existence by the Lab. I am minded of Linden Labs callous disregard for Dane Zander’s Lost Gardens of Apollo and Ringo Masoon and Sweetlemmon Jewel’s Alpha and Omega Points, sims which ought in all seriousness to have been preserved as classic shining examples of creativity and aesthetics. There are far more than these, but they are ones that stand out for me.

Sadly, the attributes that I and many others most value in SecondLife are not those in which Linden Lab have any interest, or so it seems. Many have thought like that avatar and many have eventually succumbed to cynicism or simply left SL. It is a pity that there seems little or no common ground between many of us users and those who design and maintain (cough) SecondLife.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 8, 2014.

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