Round and round we go and where it stops no one knows…

I see time and time again in the forums of Second Life, people who rail at or cannot understand the performance and operation of Second Life. Also time and time again they assume that by venting their ire in the forums that Linden Lab will in some way hear their disaffection.


Now, I’m sorry that so many folk feel alienated and unwanted by Linden Lab. The uncomfortable (for me and many others) truth is that the majority of Linden Lab DO NOT care about us…they just don’t and that is all there is to it. Many of Linden Lab’s competent technical team really are far more interested in the code they write rather than what it actually DOES in the Virtual World and rather than how it might affect us, the users.

Some DO care. Primarily those who spend a significant portion of their time actually IN SL. The others may log in once in a while to see how a particular function they are coding works, but they are far more likely to log into the Beta Grid Aditi than into the more populous Main Grid Agni. It is no use berating such folk in the forums and blogs, they almost certainly never read them.

Someone in-world insisted that LL really do have excellent support. Now that would be scoffed at by many, including myself, but wait a moment – the support folk we reach are by and large unconnected with SL and know very little other than what they are given on a (for want of a better term) crib-sheet. Some go the extra mile and contact folk that raise tickets to ensure that their issues are resolved, but many simply do not have the time.

The Live Chat operators are rarely knowledgeable about anything other than the basics of virtual Worlds and hence the apparently mindless insistence on Cache-clearing and in many cases they simply cannot understand why users would try to access SL using anything other than the default Linden viewer. We have to accept that it is NOT our World, despite the catchy refrain of “Your World, Your Imagination” that greets us on the Website. It is THEIR World and they intend us to be made to remember that at every opportunity. It is sad but true.

It is also worth remembering that, on the whole we need SL far more than Linden Lab need us as individual users. That is a consequence of our need to communicate and our general nature. It is something that Philip Rosedale failed to recognise over ten years ago, and remains true now. Also sad but true.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 13, 2014.

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