Hellos and Goodbyes

I am sad to see the final closure of my friend Jess Blackler’s Trotting Tails Pony Stables at the end of this month. TT has only been on a homestead for two months since downsizing from a full-region sim at the end of 2013, but RL has forced Jess to admit defeat at least for now. Both her and Julie Ingram, aka MistressMorville will still be around SL at Wildfire Stables, so all is not lost.

By contrast we said “Hello” again to Pleasuregiver48 aka PG at Rubber Room in the past week. His presence was sorely missed by many of us “regulars” there, not least because he shared my liking of Dead Can Dance music.

RL can play havoc with one’s SL, be it through illness, infirmity or financial stress. We all face it now and again, and if you are as addicted to SL as I know I am, it bites!

I am still learning the tricks and turns of Ponyplay and my Partner and Domina, Rachael Ezvalt is now nudging me to decide if permanent ponyhood is my intent. As I said some time ago, I think it is my goal and I have not changed my mind. I will have to give up some things, like using open chat, since I am permanently bitted and can only emote via my renamer, but if Rachael is content for me to be a permanent Pony, then so am I. It is nearly a year since I donned hooves and bridle, and nine months since I became a latexpony, but my resolve is still firm.

ETA: March 1st:
It seems that it is not only “Trotting Tails” that will be no more from today; another stable, “White Arrow” is closed from today and still another “Forum” is looking likely to close soon. It seems that the strictures of tight finance are biting in Ponyplay as in all other walks of SecondLife.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 28, 2014.

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