Seeing more clearly now…

This really doesn’t amount to much, but I just wanted to post about my Domina gaining a new insight into the marvels of SL. Today she fitted a new graphics card to her PC, an nVidia GTX660. This now gives her a much better view of SL than she ever had before with her previous card, an nVidia 430. The detail that is resolved with such a newish card is a revelation to her, she avers, the ability to use longer draw distances and the Linden ALM (shadows) make scenic sims even more alluring.

This is something that many simply never see, or wish to, in some cases; they are content to see the bare bones of SL since their priorities perhaps lie elsewhere, or they may simply not be able to afford the equipment necessary to render SL in its full glory. If you are going to be immersed in SL it is really worth saving up and getting the best you can afford, for SL can be truly awe-inspiring, thanks to the creativity of some folks. There is still much to wonder at and revel in, in today’s SL.

On a different note:
From a brief skim of her resume, it may be that SL’s new CEO, Ebbe Linden nee Altberg, is the first to really appreciate SL for what it is, an immersive experience, not merely a badly designed role-playing game. We must wait and see.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 6, 2014.

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