Caprice Darkrose

On Saturday May 3rd, at about 3pm Colorado time, the person behind SL avatar Caprice Darkrose passed away. Apparently due to kidney failure complications related to meningitis in her earlier life, SL and The Rubber Room lost one of its most vibrant characters and many of us lost a good friend. Her close friend Evergreen Engineer is understandably moved by this situation, as are many other associated with that place and the others she frequented.
There will be Memorial sessions at a jazz club (in SL) that Caprice, or Miss Cap, and many knew her, frequented, at between 10am and 1pm Pacific Daylight time today, and also on Saturday 10th at between midday and 3pm Pacific Time.
I’m not going to go to eulogistic lengths about Caprice…to be honest I did not know her that well, but many others did. Whether it was SL’s social nature that gave Caprice a chance to bring light into so many lives I don’t know, but a lot of us are darker now.
This photo of Caprice Darkrose does not do her justice as I downloaded it from her SL profile tonight rather hurriedly, but it is just my way of expressing my thanks for her lives, both first and Second.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 8, 2014.

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