SL 2.0….again? Really?

12:30am (BST)25th June:
Earlier today or yesterday (dependent on your time-zone, Firestorm uncharacteristically blogged a rather sensationalistic take on Linden Lab’s project to create the “next generation” SL. That LL took the unusual step of announcing this at a Third Party Viewer developer’s meeting suggests that they were fishing for a response from a group of folk who were most likely to be interested in innovation. It might also have occurred to them that those folk also have the attention of a good proportion of the current SL “userbase” and that the news would be rapidly disseminated. It was.

To say that “The Sky is Falling” was the initial response of many Firestorm users would be to radically underestimate the negative response. That Linden Lab (while not being the sharpest commercial knives in the drawer) would abruptly close SecondLife in anything like short order and while it is still profitable seems ludicrous to me. That SL will eventually close has seemed inevitable for as long as I’ve been online. The chassis is simply too old to be updated for the modern internet and I have been roundly scolded for suggesting that the compatibility of this new metaverse with mobile hardware would result in a poor graphical rendering. The hardware does exist and I have seen it at work. Whether the WiFi internet is capable of transmitting that amount of data to a significant number of users is another matter entirely. Since whether the time scales involved in getting SL 2.0 even to beta would be sufficient to allow the South Korean standard of 100MBps to become widespread is in doubt, the jury is very much out on the future of SL 2.0.

It WILL happen, but whether it will be in my virtual lifetime or not I simply do not know. Will SL 1.0 die…most likely Yes, but again it is not imminent. The sky IS falling, but it is a long way up!

Addendum 25th June 9pm (BST):
I suppose I ought to make one more point about the possible demise of SecondLife 1.0: that is that if sufficient virtual landowners decide that their money is best placed elsewhere and decamp from SL, the end will come sooner rather than later. That much fabled property “confidence” is generally in short supply in RL as in our Virtual lives, so I guess if sufficient so- called prophets foresee the end of “SL as-we-know-it”, their prophecies will be self-fulfilling. That is a situation which I fervently hope not to see.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 25, 2014.

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