Toybox story (or…How I learned a bit more about the backstory) EDITED

A while ago I published a blogpost about the Toybox and its move from the Oraenji sim to its current home on Devon Dreams. The last thing on Oraenji was a steeples competition there which spawned some comments about possible cheating. A naïve attempt by one prominent person in SL ponysport to ascertain the veracity of the results caused so much adverse comment and back-biting that some fairly momentous upheavals resulted.
I have no intention of apportioning blame here – I am too close to people on both sides of this matter to be truly objective and to be honest, I do not wish to be too closely involved.
But today I learned a bit more both about the genesis of the Toybox and the brouhaha that erupted recently.
The Toybox steeple was created by Jo Gallindo some years ago and save to say that it was given into the safe-keeping of Safra Nitely. Sadly Jo is no longer with us and the Toybox was placed on Frilly Filly Farm land for the use of the whole pony community.

Now some questionable results were recorded at the last open event there and some perfectly legitimate questions were asked. The resulting row was out of all proportion to the matter under question – the comment “MiLord I do think that the (insert pronoun of choice) doth protest too much” springs to mind. Today I was given a deeper insight into one side of this argument.

SL ponysport has to be bigger than this tawdry state of affairs. The Toybox is open and available for anypony to use and Safra Nitely is adamant of that. There were some noses put out of joint and some hurt pride, but overall the BIG loser is SL ponysport, for very obvious reasons.
This blog has been edited to avoid any bad feeling that might be generated. As I have said, I have heard two sides of this matter and I would simply say that already too much has been said and done by people that should know better. The results have been unfortunate to say the least and the sooner all parties can put their differences behind them the better.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “Toybox story (or…How I learned a bit more about the backstory) EDITED”

  1. Once upon a time their was a wonderful kind and loving mistress and owner, her name was Jo Gallindo, Jo had many ponies under her care, a loving partner, in Button Write, and the Frilly filly Farm, in which she spent so much of her time and energies supporting and growing. On day Jo decided that one of her mares might be happy to have a foal, and so and arrangement was made, The mare in Question was Seraphim, not the Best of mares by a long way, but still a beloved pet to Miss Jo, After the arrangement, Seraphim did have a foal, bought into this world by Jo herself, and a new mare was introduced to Frilly Filly Farm, and pony play. Apple-Blossom. Jo, was of course the Proud owner of this new foal, and promised Apple’s mum, that her foal, Apple-Blossom, would grow up to be just as kind and loving and skilled at jumping as her mum, and her owner, Miss Jo was.
    To help Apple-Blossom, a Stable was built, a barn, The “DarkWing Barn” the home to Miss Jo’s new family, Her mare, Seraphim, The father, Diablo, and The foal, Apple-Blossom, and also, an unofficial home to Jo herself. Although their is another story to tell their.

    Miss Jo, was sad at the reception that Apple-Blossom was given at some pony Sims, her young in years appearance, despite being at the side of her mother and her owner, Seraphim and Jo herself, did not let her develop as a character, and a mare as both the mother seraphim and the owner Miss Jo had hoped. So after much discussion, it was decided, If little Apple-Blossom would not be accepted on main-land Pony Sims, maybe she should have a training centre of her own, with training facilities of her own. so that Miss Jo, Apple-Blossom, and Seraphim could be happy together as family.
    Miss Jo made the First steps, of this, buy building a steeple, a jumping course for her prized Foal, The idea being, That the steeple, was being built for a young foal to learn, to train on, But also, a Commemoration to the maker of the first jumps to me made in second life for specific use in pony play. Jo created a course, at the back of the now expanding “DarkWing Barn” and called it “Toy-Box Steeple”.
    This was to become the last course that Apple-Blossom ever jumped, and the last course Jo Gallindo ever built, Jo Gallindo Built Toy-Box steeple in march 2011, and died in August that same year, The last time Apple-Blossom logged in was in March a few days offer the steeple was completed. Drama, and the Threats of Abuse Reports forced Apple-Blossom to leave SL, for her own protection. Both Miss Jo and Seraphim were heart Broken. When Jo died in August, so the mother Seraphim, all but leave SL as well, and only returns for occasional land management issues when needed.

    Safra Nitely, the owner of the DarkWing lands, where the Steeple was built, GIFTED it to Frilly Filly Farm, and all of the pony community, Knowing it was the last full steeple course Jo Gallindo created, made it something special tot he Frilly Filly Farm, and to pony play. So the Toy-box steeple, was made an open course, to all pony play to use, to experience to enjoy, and to remember the gifts that Jo Gave us all, and Jo’s love of jumping and Steeple. in general.

    In July 2014, the unthinkable happened, after 3 happy years without any problems, DRAMA hit the Toy-Box Steeple, some ponies disrespected its memory, failed to understand its significance, used technical advantages to gain high scores, rather than understand the original intentions for which it was built by Jo Gallindo, That intention being, to train ponies who to enjoy the love of jump, to be rewarded for skill and practice and perseverance, to train and put in time and effort to be able to complete the course just though purse jumping ability. It was made for the love of pure jumping, and not for ponies to come using viewer tweaks, and nimble jumps and what ever else I could name and have seen over the years, It was made for ponies who loved the true challenge of steeple jumping in SecondLife, as they would now says “with vanilla viewer settings” and be rewarded by the knowledge they achieved a success based on just their hard work, and perseverance alone.

    Because of the recent events, and how the events around the Toy-Box Steeple was used as the base for much drama, the Toy-Box Steeple has now been moved away to a new home, where I can once more keep a watchful eye over the precious gift Jo Gallindo created. I know Jo Gallindo would be disappointed with this decision, however I hope she understand and supportive of the reasons that caused the move the Toy-Box Steeple course to a new more protected home away from DRAMA.

    The course is still open to Pony Play in general, and ponies are welcome to come and enjoy it. and maybe after reading this understand it is a lot more than just a few fences in a filed, their is a true history of love, friendship and loyalty attached to it. and that I hope it brings as much pleasure to you fine new ponies and experiences alike as it has to Seraphim, and to Jo Gallindo and Apple’s. in the short time they had together to do so.

    Now then, the questions you are asking are, How do I know all this, How do you know if its true or not?
    So here are some facts:

    Seraphim: was and still is the ALT of Safra Nitely, Safra bought and owned the lands the Toy-Box Steeple was built on, and donated the use of the course to the Frilly Filly Farm. all donations collected at the Toy-Box xteeple were always passd tot he Frilly Filly Farm.

    Jo Gallindo: GIFTED the TOY-BOX Steeple to Seraphim, for safe keeping for both Seraphim and Apple-Blossom. That the foal would always have a home, and a place she was able to feel welcome and safe in.

    Apple-Blossom: WAS the alt of Jo Gallindo, It was an agreement between Safra, The Stallion and Jo Gallindo, that Seraphins foal should be protected by one of us, and it was decided that person should be Jo herself.

    Who am I to write all this.
    I am Seraphin, the mother of Apple-Blossom, The Mare that was and still is proud to be owned by Miss Jo Gallindo.

    That is the story of the toy-box steeple.

  2. Well, there we have the story as directly told as possible. This ought to satisfy even the most prurient.

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