Well “Project Interesting” finally made it to Firestorm with the release of Firestorm I am currently running the 64 bit version since it seems a bit quicker than the 32 bit version on my system, though that is by no means true for everyone. So far it seems pretty stable and there are no nasty glitches. There are, however several bugs in the “Interesting” code which has been merged from Linden Lab. Andrew Linden and others have spent many months on this code both server-side and viewer-side and it DOES work…mostly. If you do not move about quickly it is fine and does what it should. But if you race or are involved in running (as I often am in SL ponysport) there are some serious shortcomings.

The data arriving at the viewer can come in sharp bursts, at quite high rates and many modems and not a few GPUs will not cope with this load well. Having said all that it is by no means a lemon, and I like the viewer, warts ‘n’ all. But just as SSA code was not the panacea for bake-fail it was promised to be so this is not a cure for non-rezzed objects. So long as we remember that we’ll be fine…it IS better, it is just not (no, be fair, it is a long way from being) perfect.

See Firestorm JIRA: FIRE-14394
Linden Lab JIRA: BUG-7084
It seems that there is more work for the Linden Lab programmers to do. These refer to the same “Interesting” problem.

Addendum 2:
Rumour has it that after a couple of days the Firestorm devs have a possible fix for this…there will be some noses badly out-of-joint at Linden Labs if this turns out to be true!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 22, 2014.

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