Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised……

Sinha Hynes, who has worked tirelessly for Ponyplay in SL recently and for the success of Stones N Rubber sim in general launched a forum for Ponyplay on the site a little while ago. To say that it has not taken off would be an understatement. I, for one, am amazed that there are not folk out there in SL Ponyplay that could use the forum as a mouthpiece for their ideas.
It seems that no-one wishes to espouse new concepts or discuss existing ones. That, to me, is a crying shame.

If we as a community in SL do not use the forum, then it is likely that Sinha will discontinue it. That would be a loss, but it seems that few of us choose to use it.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 26, 2014.

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