Jo Gallindo Memorial Trophy

Today was a big day in SL pony polo (or Ponyball as some call it).  The Jo Gallindo Memorial Trophy is a knockout competition played out in one session for the right to hold the Trophy for a year.

Now those who have followed my blogging about SL Ponyplay should know that Jo Gallindo was an important figure in SL Ponyplay for some time (see my posts about the Toybox Steeple and associated comments).  This competition is run at the end of summer league matches and the Trophy was held in 2013 by the Frilly Filly Farm team ( I believe).

This year it was won by the Darkwing/Alikat Memorial Team (Darkwing being run by Miss Safra Nitely), beating the Wild Ponygirls Team in the Grand Final. To say that Miss Safra was pleased, I think would be an thermonuclear understatement.

I played my first serious matches today for the comically-named KillerBarbie Ponies Team affiliated to the House of Meiji, alongside Miss Iren Wyx.  Miss Iren and Miss Ralna Payne have been training me in Ponyball technique for the last few weeks and today was my chance to pay them back for their effort.  We came third overall, losing narrowly to the DWAK team in the semi-final but then winning the play-off match against the other losing semi-finalists Stones n Rubber 2. Several matches were very close…both semis and the final, so competition was intense!

I am relieved to say that I played well enough to satisfy my mentors, and overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable event.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on October 5, 2014.

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